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Looking for Ducks in the Desert- Part 3

The View

The Land of Flying Shoes

This is what I discovered.


You’re not really alone when you travel hundreds of miles across the desert…not if there are two falcons and a dog in the back of the truck.

In moments when your daydreams get the best of you and you suddenly realize you have no idea how far you’ve driven on what road and where you are now, you can glance back in the rearview mirror and know you are exactly where you are supposed to be.

You are on an adventure, surrounded by vast unfamiliar wilderness, but carrying the wild you know with you.

I wonder if this is why we humans have found ourselves drawn to wild horses, pariah dogs and falcons, why there is so much value in a relationship with a wild animal. You can say to yourself, “this is a piece of the wild I mostly understand, that I can touch and create a bond with. If this animal makes sense to me then with some work, the rest of what is wild and dangerous could be understood.” And then you realize how much you don’t know about nature and how much you don’t just desire, but are desperate to know. This is when you realize that human beings are not separate, but a functioning inseparable piece of nature in its beauty, miracles and even in its violence. And until we all admit it, we will never really be human again.

But that was not my best discovery.

Meanwhile back at the motel...

Meanwhile back at the motel...


The driving and exploring, hunting in new places and stumbling on breath-taking snapshot is wonderful. All the same, what I found out I loved the best about a long hunting trip with just you and your animal team is really the slumber parties.

Motel Pals

Motel Pals

Shhhh. No one tell housekeeping…




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