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I am admittedly horribly behind in blogging this season. Please know it is because I am hunting nearly every day and working hard to raise money for wetlands conservation. I have embraced my renewed falconry zeal whole-heartedly. Stories to come!!

In the meantime, I wanted to share a little project I’ve been working on. (Although yes, I am diligently working on my novel and may have a stand alone piece from it in this project.)

A new Ebook from Rebecca

New ebook Coming!!

So… Coming soon! A companion ebook of essays and short stories that complement and add to the story of LIFT. This book will be free to anyone who has read LIFT (you’ll be given a code if you can answer the qualifying question!) or you can support the author (Me!) and download it on Amazon for $2.99. Check back for release date and online events!

Also, note the amazing cover art by my brother, Raymond Swanland. He is a lauded fantasy artist whose work is pretty much ubiquitous these days.  If you’re a fan girl or fan boy (Lord knows, I am.) he’s done covers for Priest, MTG cards, WOWC cards, an album cover for Disturbed and consistently has art in Spectrum. I especially love his art on the promo posters for the David Fincher remake of Heavy Metal. Check his website for these!

So needless to say, “little bro” or not, I’m in love with this cover. I hope you like it too!


  1. Emily Cotler says:

    Wow. LOVE the cover!

  2. rebecca says:

    Have to admit… I had my brother’s work in mind when I asked for gold tones when Wax designed the skin for the blog. Falconry seems to really happen in a dawn or dusk glow. I still love this blog design!

  3. Shiny! Looking forward to it…

  4. Don’t forget to upload it to Barnes & Noble for us Nook users.

    I bought Lift, but would happily cough up a couple more bucks for a follow-on.

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