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What to Do with your Photos

These days bloggers get asked from time to time to try out products to review. I almost always say, “no”.  I barely manage to get my own blog posts done. It feels like a burden to write something for the sake of commerce. Also, it makes me feel a little bit like a fraud. This last month though, a couple of opportunities crossed my email that I thought I would pay for regardless.

Anakin at Sunset

Falconers take a lot of photographs. What do you do with them though?

I love the idea of putting photos on canvas and when I was offered the opportunity to buy one, discounted for review, the hardest decision was figuring out which photo to use. The print on canvas was easy to order and arrived quickly, packaged dilligently to protect it. I ordered a 12×18 inch with a .75 inch wrap and it was ready to hang on arrival. Not to mention gorgeous!

Of course, wall space is limited and when my friend Jessica Lawrence put a call out for art by friends to hang in her new digs in New York, I knew just what to send her. I hope she likes it! (Although once I saw it on my wall, I almost reneged on the deal…)

I would highly recommend putting your prints on canvas if you have something you would really like on your wall. The service is very reasonable and I was very happy with the results!

The other opportunity I was given was a perk through Klout. If you aren’t on Klout, I’m not sure you necessarily should be. No one needs one more proprietary algorithm to obsess over. It’s bad enough I consistently consider my Amazon numbers, Google Analytics for all my sites and try to figure out my Feedburner stats. I can’t help it. I am fascinated by what people connect with and don’t.

Klout is just the icing on the cake. It’s an algorithm that figures out your influence on the web and then companies decide whether or not to offer you perks based on your score and what topics you are “influential” in. You are not  forced to review any of the trial products, in fact, you are welcome to hate them. The Klout disclosure is here. So when Moo offered up free MiniCards, I jumped at it.

Moo MiniCards

MiniCards are such a cool idea. Half the size of business cards, they come in orders of 100 or more and you can choose as many 100 images to put on them. It’s like making trading cards! (The nerd in me squeals). This seemed another great opportunity to put some of my falconry photos to use. So I chose 8 images for the front and used the lovely logo my webdesigner created for me and put my web information on the backside. I was so excited when I got them in the mail. They are just gorgeous and I can’t wait to pass them out at readings, lectures and workshops. I’ll have to make a set of parrot ones as well. You can get your own Moo products here.

So if you collect some really awesome falconry photos this season and aren’t sure how to put them to use, those are two ideas that worked out well for me!   — Oh, and I’m always looking for great photos to use for the Monday Morning Falconry Fix. (hint. hint.) So get your cameras out!

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