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Monday Morning Falconry Fix

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Oh the good old days! When a falconer could hang out with his best Native American pal, hawking the California hills with his harpy eagle. (Until his ex-wife shows up, that is…)

The harpy of the title is Elizabeth Ashley, the greedy, demanding ex-wife of architect Hugh O’Brian. As a means of escaping his former spouse’s tirades, O’Brian quietly trains his pet eagle to be a hunter. A confrontation between eagle and “ex” is inevitable, but masterfully handled. Tom Nardini, playing a loyal Native-American friend of O’Brian’s, is the principal instigator of the film’s screeching denouement. Made for television, Harpy was first shown March 12, 1971. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi


  1. Ya . . . probably not a great idea to lower your arm and look the other way when you have a HARPY eagle flying at you. And I thought the eagle was going to fly at the Ex.

  2. Steve Bodio says:

    I just sent you some stuff on the movie…

    Hunting? Hawking “wolves” (German shepherds?) in the SoCal hills!

  3. What a mighty looking bird that is!

  4. Lauren says:

    What – eagle on left hand when on horseback?! Blasphemy!

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  6. Doveridge says:

    Just came to watch the video but it’s not up anymore, which is a shame. Agree with Caroyln, you don’t want to take your eye of the falcon, no one needs a mishap when sharp claws are involved.