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Adios 2011, You Weren’t as Bad as I thought…

Yesterday when I was feeling a little bit sorry for myself for not having gotten much done in 2011, I started making a list. What all HAD I accomplished? What had I left behind that I loved best? And the list surprised me. My book on Lories and Lorikeets was published in February. And I […]

The Death of North American Wetlands Conservation Act Grants?

View at the Office (Napa Plant Site) Current suggested budget cuts on Capitol Hill would eliminate funding for the North American Wetlands Conservation Act (NAWCA) bringing annual funding ($46 million in 2010) to ZERO.    I’ll preface here… the budget needs to be cut. We are spending too much money and not enough taxes are […]

Gearing up for Duck Season

The ducks are coming! And so is the Federal Duck Stamp Art Contest! The Federal Duck Stamp Art Contest being is being judged for the first time in California and there are a lot of ancillary events going on especially in the Bay Area. If you decide to come see the judging, look for me. […]

Got Duck Stamps?

I’ve been buying duck stamps for eight years now. I knew that the money went toward conservation, but I didn’t entirely understand how it worked. I’m guessing most falconers don’t. This year, I’ve had the pleasure of working on the committee organizing the events surrounding this year’s Federal Duck Stamp Contest (in California for the […]

A Year for the Ducks

Working at DU out here in the west was “interesting” this last year, to say the least.  In California, we were particularly challenged by frozen bond funds, halting progress toward completing ten million dollars worth of contracted projects. The staff here put in long hours, seeking creative ways, such as a no interest loans from […]

But They Shoot Ducks Don’t They…?

It’s hard to wrap my head around it, but I’ve been at Ducks Unlimited for almost a year now. The difficulty of the wrap around is less about the passage of time and more about the information I’m still trying to absorb. The amount of work that originates in the Western Regional Office is astounding. […]

Addressing the Problem with Powerlines

There are nearly 37 million people in California, a tremendous amount of people who consume a stunning amount water and require a great deal of electricity. Usually around the office, we worry about water, but lately, power has been at the forefront of our conversation. We use a lot of power in Northern CA, particularly […]

Why NAWCA Needs You

Hopefully, most of my waterfowl conservation and hunting friends are already aware of the North American Wetlands Conservation Act (NAWCA), but did you know that the president has suggested a $10 million dollar increase in NAWCA funding for FY 2010?  This brings NAWCA funds up to $52 million across the country and honestly, it’s the […]

Peregrine Take – Successful Conservation Might Lead to New Beginnings

There was a time when the peregrine falcon was considered a natural resource and a beloved partner to falconers. We trapped young birds on the beach during their first migration, flew them and hunted with them for a season, releasing them to return on the migration, just as wild as before.  I have been told that there is nothing […]

CA Budget Crisis

We’re all aching from the sudden shift in the economy. I doubt there’s a single person out there that hasn’t felt the effects of the recession. So there’s no need to launch into a sob story, but what is happening in California at least merits discussion, if only because it’s interesting. In late December, while […]