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Operation Desert Dove – Sunday, June 1 2003

Some time ago I took down the archives for the original falconry blog, Operation Desert Dove. It’s hard to believe that I’ve been blogging about the same peregrine for seven years, but there you go. I imagine only those who have been here since the very beginning realize that LIFT is actually very much based […]

The Knife

There is a click as the knife locks open and even this is enough to raise the hackles on my red-tailed hawk’s neck. Her talons tighten on the already stilled rabbit and I know she’s thinking of my hands pulling her prize away, preparing to reposition her talons between my finger bones to make her […]

Heart to Tear

Don’t wait until your thirty-four to get your first dog. You’ll do this because you’re waiting until you live in the right place, have enough resources, can make the time and carry fewer distractions. These are the things that you will say when you have run out of excuses to be kind to yourself. You […]


“Come here,” he said, “I want to show you something.” I put down the book I was reading, a book about dragons that were telepathically connected to their handlers, and I stood up to follow him. I had two favorite worlds; one of them spun from small type and imagination, the other a place of […]

When Confronted

  Soaring into the Sun by C’Bou on Flickr Courtesy of Creative Commons License “I know what you’re doing here,” a gaunt man with bushy eyebrows barked at me, his white van slowing to keep time with my stride down the dirt road. I glanced at his equally disapproving, but healthier looking wife and then checked […]

Idiot Check

It was daybreak and only two hours before I needed to be at work. I had rolled out of bed at some ungodly hour and even after coffee, falcon weighing and truck loading, hadn’t really woken up until I arrived in the field. I was standing outside of my truck at Whitewater, that strange duck […]

Making Place

It took eight years of email exchange before I finally met Hans and Pam Peeters. Hans is one of my favorite wildlife artists and our first email exchange consisted of him asking me what the bird was on my glove in a photograph he spotted in the CHC Journal. “It looks Australasian,” he said, “but that […]

The Moment that Made You

I was a process server with an attorney services business, serving evictions, foreclosures, and sundry subpoenas and complaints. We were in the middle of the last housing crash and I was 23, working 14 hour days and immediately despised by all whose misfortune led me to their door. I was living in an apartment above […]

First Trapped

I didn’t keep the first hawk I ever trapped, but I did take the second. I had waited nearly two years and didn’t see the sense in waiting another minute, let alone another hour to find some other hawk or worse wait for the next weekend. I needed a hawk that very moment and the […]