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Adios 2011, You Weren’t as Bad as I thought…

Yesterday when I was feeling a little bit sorry for myself for not having gotten much done in 2011, I started making a list. What all HAD I accomplished? What had I left behind that I loved best? And the list surprised me. My book on Lories and Lorikeets was published in February. And I […]

Bonfire of the Rejections

After duking it out through a bout of pneumonia and finishing a parrot training manuscript, my falconry has fallen to the wayside. Now that I have my free time back, I’m ready to get back in the field, get back to some less technical writing and look back on this year. It’s about time to […]

On Falconry and Fantasy

This week I head into the studio to record the audiobook version of Lift that some of you were so wonderful to support. I’m nervous and excited and oddly contemplative about this next step. It certainly isn’t that I expect the book to be incredibly successful in audio, it is more that I am realizing […]

Lift: The Audiobook

YouTube –   If you haven’t read Lift, my falconry memoir published by Red Hen Press — I would love for you to!  And if you haven’t, perhaps you would rather listen to it? Audible.com, now an arm of Amazon has created a very forward-thinking site, Audiobook Creator’s Exchange (ACX) which facilitates rights owners ability […]

What to Do with your Photos

These days bloggers get asked from time to time to try out products to review. I almost always say, “no”.  I barely manage to get my own blog posts done. It feels like a burden to write something for the sake of commerce. Also, it makes me feel a little bit like a fraud. This last […]

Release Day! RISE $.99!!

Some months ago I had a small melt down online about the long journey of writing and publishing Lift and considering the acclaim the little book managed to muster, dare I say, the shockingly poor sales. 411 copies it’s first year, in fact. (My expectations weren’t high, but when you consider my parrot owner’s guide, A […]

The Way of the eBook

I hope everyone is loving the Wednesday interviews as much as I’m enjoying writing the questions and getting the answers. I have several in the queue and quite a few other falconers who have agreed to be tormented. I’m hoping to keep this going throughout the moult! In the meantime, as my July 1 release […]

Five on Falconry

The sun rises at 6:15 right now. I woke up at 5:30 and thought to myself that if I had the wherewithal to get out of bed, I could be in the field just in time to fly a falcon. Except that it’s April and the falcons are moulting. So I did the other thing I […]

A Novel Story

It was 2001 and I had just turned 30, announcing to all that THIS was the year I was going to finally not just write, but finish my first novel. I had written a handful of short stories, started and stopped two other novels and had a dusty diploma for a Bachelor’s degree in Creative […]


I am admittedly horribly behind in blogging this season. Please know it is because I am hunting nearly every day and working hard to raise money for wetlands conservation. I have embraced my renewed falconry zeal whole-heartedly. Stories to come!! In the meantime, I wanted to share a little project I’ve been working on. (Although […]