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On Guns & Grandmothers and Why I need a .22

There is a part 5 to my Desert Duck adventure, but for now a small digression. It occurred to me that there must a reason and perhaps even a very good reason that I am afraid of guns. I love to hunt. I love hunters. Anyone who doesn’t, should agree to just forgive me for […]

Looking for Ducks in the Desert – Part 4

Part of my desert journey was doing research for the novel I’m writing. Let’s start here.  I’m afraid of guns, I always have been. I have no good reason for this. I’ve had no bad experiences. I aimed at clays with a shotgun when I was a teenager and although I didn’t hit anything, I […]

Nantucket Bay Scallops

    Falconers know good food and frequently it is food that they have harvested on their own whether by talon, hook, bullet or hoe. We love food that has a story. Nothing in the grocery store packaged in cellophane and styrofoam induces story telling. And I sometimes wonder if falconers are by nature story crafters. […]

Why I have the Best Job EVER

In a photo….

More on the Benefits of Falconry

I had a few comments wanting to know more about the presentation that I gave at the International Association of Anthrozoologists about the potential psychological and health benefits of high level relationships with wild animals. Mostly I was making a plea to anthrozoologists to look deeper, consider doing further studies before the trend of outlawing […]

Merry Christmas

A slide from my presentation at my one of my readings of Lift. The holiday’s are lovely, but they can be so very stressful.  My Christmas wish to you is the ability to hang on to the simplicity of things.

Applied Behavior Analysis with Raptors

Some thoughts on ABA as it applies to working with birds of prey. This was a presentation I gave at the Association of Avian Veterinarians last summer and is mainly geared toward helping vets talk to their clients. Those of you who are Steve Layman fans may enjoy. Some of the points arose from a […]

Thanksgiving is for Falconry Homework

I’m really really slow to get started this year and am thinking that’s okay. The nasty weather only just finally pushed into the north, meaning that my quarry which is still wintering comfortably far away is about to get an eviction notice from Mother Nature.  I’ll be in DC at the end of the week and by the time […]

A Bond with the Wild

Last Saturday I had the pleasure of presenting at the International Society for Anthrozoology/ Human- Animal Interaction conference on falconry and how high level relationships with wild (rather than domesticated) animals have positive psychology and health implications. I know this all sounds very scientific, but mostly what I was saying in a nutshell that, “Humans ARE nature, […]

Enjoy the Oysters

I’ve been trying to put a finger on the mish-mash of feelings I’ve been swimming with lately. The memoir is out, of course I’m elated. But I’m also uncertain, if not terrified at times. The world has gotten suddenly noisy, but I’m often lonely. When I talk to media who have read the book I […]