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Five on Falconry: Jeremy Bradshaw

Jeremy Bradshaw began his falconry pursuit in Gridley, California and has been a falconer for 17 years. His hands-down favorite falconry partner is a merlin and his favorite merlin was a jack named Spike. He is a full-time hoodmaker and passionate craftsman who appreciates and supports artisans in our sport, but notes that the falconer […]

Five on Falconry: Stacey Huston

Stacey Huston began her passion for falconry in Wyoming with a red-tailed hawk named Kiva. Eleven years later she is still passionate about the sport and practically all outdoor endeavors. Stacey and her husband owned a log home restoration company for over fifteen years, but now Stacey is a “kept” woman free to engage in […]

Monday Morning Falconry Fix

We can’t get enough of Lauren McGough! If you haven’t read her “Five on Falconry” go do it!

Five on Falconry: Tim Gallagher

Tim Gallagher has been a falconer since the 7th grade and after referencing that Kennedy was in the White House, he admits it’s been about 49 years. His first bird, Rowdy (named after the Clint Eastwood character in Rawhide), was an eyas tiercel American Kestrel he flew in Orange County, California. (Although every thing else […]

Five on Falconry: Matt Mullenix

  Matt Mullenix has been a falconer for 27 years. His first falconry bird, Savannah, was a broad-winged hawk he flew in Panama. Although he had been rehabbing screech owls for a local facility, it was the hawk that set him on the path to a lifelong engagement with falconry. His list of falconry mentors […]

Five on Falconry: Helen Macdonald

Helen Macdonald started flying birds at 11 years-old with a Kestrel named Amy with whom she stalked grasshoppers. Helen refuses to do the math, but that means she has been a falconer for a bit now. These early years of falconry began in Camberley, Surrey, UK, a countryside haunted by the likes of Philip Glasier […]

Five on Falconry: Steve Olner

Steve Olner is in his second year as a falconer, flying a red-tailed hawk his wife named Zoie. (They have a deal. She gets to name them. He gets to fly them.) Steve hunts in Colbert, Oklahoma and survived his first season thanks to his sponsor, Steve Armstrong. He is in awe of the falconers […]

Five on Falconry: Lauren McGough

Lauren McGough is an Anthropology graduate student and aspiring writer who has been a falconer for ten years. She began her falconry career in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma but has chased falconry experiences around the world. She has an unabashed love for golden eagles and says she has learned a great deal from Steve Bodio, Frances […]

Five on Falconry: John Pittman

John Pittman has been a falconer for ten years and got his start in Madbury, Maine. His favorite falconry bird is Luz, a peregrine falcon and he cites Teddy Mortiz as a falconry muse. John works as a Director of Information Services although he dreams of retiring and someday being voted “great person to go […]

Five on Falconry: Katherine Browne

Katherine Browne has been a falconer for five years and started her falconry career flying a red-tailed hawk named Artemis in Klamath Falls, Oregon. She still enjoys the friendship and advice of her sponsor Donald Adams and now flies a goshawk. Katherine works as the Dealer Relations and Pro-Staff Coordinator for Prois Hunting Apparel and […]