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Five on Falconry: Steve Bodio

Steve Bodio has been a falconer for 48 years and started his falconry career flying a red-tailed hawk called Cinnamon in Boston, Massachusetts. He names John Loft: teacher, Classicist, scholar, translator, poet, master of the Merlin (E. B. Michell’s natural successor), and friend as a falconry inspiration.  Steve is a writer and perhaps best known […]

Five on Falconry: Nicole Perretta

Nicole Perretta has been a falconer for 20 years and started her falconry career flying Jamaica, a red-tailed hawk in North County, San Diego, California. She has had numerous mentors, but Mike Healey is the one she most remembers looking up to. (Literally at 6’5”) She supports her falconry obsession working as an artist, writer, […]

Five on Falconry

The sun rises at 6:15 right now. I woke up at 5:30 and thought to myself that if I had the wherewithal to get out of bed, I could be in the field just in time to fly a falcon. Except that it’s April and the falcons are moulting. So I did the other thing I […]