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Monday Morning Falconry Fix

YouTube –   Oh the good old days! When a falconer could hang out with his best Native American pal, hawking the California hills with his harpy eagle. (Until his ex-wife shows up, that is…) The harpy of the title is Elizabeth Ashley, the greedy, demanding ex-wife of architect Hugh O’Brian. As a means of […]

Monday Morning Falconry Fix

A (New) Tradition of Scallops

Last year, a falconry friend who I met on Facebook Fed-Exed me a box of Nantucket Bay Scallops fresh off the boat. I cooked them, shared them and made them into a kitchen story. I have thought about them all year. So as the end of the falconry season approached and I knew it was about time […]

Monday Morning Falconry Fix

YouTube –   Meanwhile in somewhere just outside of Lima, Peru…

The Story of a Blog that Became a Book

Those of you who have been following this blog since it’s beginnings as Operation Desert Dove in 2002 know that I think I’m a writer. I’ve published a romance novel, a parrot training book, a bunch of reference books—but I was really wanting to write something “meaningful”. I began blogging because I wanted to tell […]

Conservation On Capital Hill

I’m not a lobbyist and I don’t plan to become one, but I was in DC to give a presentation at Phoenix Landing, so I thought I would tack on a bit of time to check out what the Ducks Unlimited DC office gets itself up to. I work with major donors and I thought […]

Better Living Through Falconry

America is obsessed with our food, or rather everyone else’s food.  Your officemates will surely examine your packed lunch and comment that it looks healthy or delicious (fattening) and then maybe make comparisons to what they themselves will be, should be or shouldn’t be eating. I spent six months losing 25 pounds the hard way—less […]

Endings & Beginnings

I wanted to make this last post on my birthday…on Groundhog’s Day (Check Patrick’s Site for reasons why this is a good day for endings and beginnings) but I guess there’s something about wrapping up that makes me hesitate. I hate it when good things end, even good things that had heartbreaking moments. (Jolie?) It isn’t […]

Wilton, CA

Wilton, CA  Things aren’t all bad up here. Sometimes just learning the landscape is a reward in itself. I’m going shush about the fact that I can’t find any ducks to stare at this photo for a while.

What's Up?

I’m having trouble finding ducks, well, anything other than mallards. It’s just the bane of a new place and a very odd winter weather pattern. The cold came late and the ducks have been slow to come down and arriving out of order. None of this means much to me because I didn’t hunt ducks […]